Thursday, August 14, 2008

China and Christianity

Just the other day I finished reading the book The Heavenly Man. If you haven't read it, I highly recommend it. We need to know what is happening in China to our Christian brothers and sisters. They are suffering for the gospel TODAY. There are people in jail as I write, just because they profess Jesus Christ as their saviour and refuse to bow down to the Three-Self Church of China.

I can't help but feel compassion for the athletes in China as I watch them in the Olympics. The press even tells tales of people like Yao Ming, who has been watched since birth because of his incredible genetics, and the government planned that he would be a basketball player. What if he doesn't like basketball? What if he would rather have been a doctor or a teacher? His fate was decided for him.

Here are some articles of interest about Christians in China:
* Chinese Christians Silenced as Games Begin
* Chinese Christians Need Prayer as Olympics Begin
* Authorities Banish Pastor from Beijing Prior to Olympic Games
* House Churches Barred from holding services during Olympic Period
* Three Christians arrested again, detained

As you watch the Olympics, please take a moment to remember our brothers and sisters in China. We see the strength of China's athletes, but we need to see their hearts, created by a loving God who is longing for relationship with them.

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Michelle in Mx said...

My uncle passed this book to us. I've SO got to read it. I've seen it mentioned again and again . .