Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What NOT to do before bed...

* Don't read a story in Reader's Digest about serial killers.
* Don't watch a National Geographic show about alligators.
* Don't have an argument with your 14 year old about washing the dishes and have him get all worked up and wake up his 10 year old brother.
* Don't watch videos online about kidnappings in Mexico.

None of these will help you have a peaceful nights' sleep, as we have learned this week. I'm wishing I had a bathtub so I could take a candle-lit bubble bath tonight with classical music. I will have to settle for a hot shower and reading a fluff book.


JCsings4Him said...

Hello Jan...I am Joann from the Weight Watcher Christian Gals thread. LOVE your site!! And this post was really cute!

If you click on my name, you can take a look at my own blogspot. :~)

Take care...Joann :~)

Joanna said...

Some good advice indeed! Also don't read novels about the end of the world. I did it just before bed once and ended up being awake most of the night