Saturday, August 16, 2008

Watching the Olympics in Mexico

It's interesting to watch the Olympics on Mexican television. It's definitely not centered around the USA, but also not too centered on Mexico (there are only 23 Mexicans athletes in Beijing). For example, watching the track & field yesterday, the commentators were conversing about black athletes and how much faster they typically run. I laughed out loud, imagining the uproar if an American commentator would dare make such a comment!

When a Mexican IS involved in a competition, they definitely cover it, but I have seen much more of the Olympics than I have ever seen. The networks (there are two majors covering Beijing) have hours of time to fill, and just a little coverage their countrymen, so they show us all sorts of other games.

One more week to go!


Jim said...

And to think you could watch the Olympics while sipping on a Negrito!

jess said...

found your blog through 'can i wear jeans?' from jon acuff.

i have a question.. el carmen?
is your centro de fey in a large warehouse type building inside a big fence in el carmen?
are you associated with the bible school?
i ask this because i helped build that center, and have stayed at the bible school in el carmen, and helped build the children's home out in the mountains that's connected with the bible school there.

i miss it greatly, and would love to know whats going on out there!

(email: servantsheart (at) gmail (dot) com)
(blog: http:// whatherenow (dot) wordpress (dot) com)

jess said...

ok i just saw your husbands blog, and his pictures, and its definitely the place.
i'm so glad to see how its grown!!!!!
i spent 8 different trips traveling to el carmen with a church from texas, and i miss those mountains like you have no idea.
i'd still love to hear more!
thanks, jess