Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Provision and Dental Stuff

We are in the midst of a dental smackdown in our home. Hubby had four teeth extracted and is getting three bridges done. Littlest son has six cavities, but fortunately on baby teeth. Oldest son got braces. I had my teeth cleaned and a filling done this morning. Dental care is much cheaper in Mexico, but it still costs quite a bit. Hubby is getting a bridge done at a time, and the first one will be about $200. I think the total for all his dental work will come in under just under $1000.

I have been a little worried, to be honest, about this whole thing. We just do NOT have any extra money in our budget right now. We went to the States this summer and it left us in debt, which stretched our tight budget even tighter. I'm at home now, which means more groceries because we aren't eating at the Bible School.

So, this past Sunday our pastor asked us if we wanted to sow some money into someone in the church. He actually asked everyone who wanted to stand up and go to someone and give them $50 pesos, which is $5. We didn't really have the extra money to spare, but we wanted to do it, we like giving money away! So, we went to an older woman in the church and gave her the money and prayed that God would multiply it for her. I know she needs it!

Today we received a refund check from the IRS from 2004 for $97. That made me happy, then we opened our email and found that someone deposited $500 into our bank account today so we could "have some fun"! I wouldn't say that dental work is fun, but it will definitely take a load off our minds. I was rejoicing that while we sowed just a little bit, we are reaping a great reward.

(NO, I'm not all prosperity gospel, but I do believe that God loves a cheerful giver, and HE loves to bless His children, just like we love to bless ours!)

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Shelli said...

I love it when God does stuff like that. I'm happy for you.