Sunday, January 18, 2009

Dropping In

When we lived in the US, it was a rare thing that people would come over to our house. If they did, they came because they were selling something or we had an appointment. That's just how we roll in the US, we aren't drop-in type of people. That was one of the biggest challenges for me when we moved out of the country, was getting used to my lack of personal space - and having to keep my house picked up better!

One reason they do this is because cell phone calls are expensive and most people don't have a home phone (including us). It's just easier to walk over to our house if they need something or want to chat. I don't mind anymore. Now if someone doesn't come by I think the day is too quiet!

Last week we actually went out visiting some friends, just dropping in. They were shocked when we drove up! It was nice to sit outside on their porch w/ no agenda and just enjoy conversation for a while. I'm looking forward to doing that more!


Amrita said...

Oh Jan this is exactly how it goes in India. You can drop in anytime...cell phone or not.I don 't like it when people visit during siesta time...but you can 't be impolite.

Jan said...

Amrita, do you actually call it "siesta time"??

Matt @ The Church of No People said...

I've often wished America was more like that. I would have loved to be a pastor a century ago where my only job during the week would be to drop in on people. And they'd always have a pie ready. That's my idea of how it would go anyway!

Jan said...

If you dropped in here today you would get fresh-baked ginger snaps. No pie. Sorry.