Sunday, February 1, 2009

Culture Lesson

Today is a pretty fun day in the US, culturally. It's the Super Bowl, the American football championship game. All over the country people will gather in homes, churches, and restaurants to watch the big game and enjoy the silly commercials that are written to debut during the big game. It may sound completely trivial, but even churches cancel their normal Sunday evening services because they know that the pews would be empty. The opt, instead, to host parties in their fellowship halls with lots of snacks, no alcohol, and usually several big-screen televisions. Growing up, the youth group from church would usually meet at the youth leader's house to watch the game after selling our "Super Bowl Subs" to make money for our youth group. For a month ahead of time we would take orders for our foot-long sub sandwiches on freshly baked bread, work all afternoon putting them together and delivering them to the buyers, and have mustard and mayonnaise fights.

Last year we invited several Bible school students over to watch the big game at our house. All the commentaries are in Spanish and we don't get any of the fun commercials, but it was fun to watch the game with them and explain the rules. Something was lacking, though... maybe I should make some sub sandwiches this year?

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Amrita said...

Enjoy super bowl. I don 't know baseball. Criket is the game in India.