Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ignorance is Bliss

The other day we went with some friends to the neighborhood where they are starting a church. They wanted us and our pastors to go over and see the conditions of the people and to help them think of creative ways to reach out to the community. The neighborhood was started by squatters, and eventually the government ended up granting the land to the squatters, so now it is an official part of the town.

The house we went to is about 3m x 3m, made of cinder block, no door, no windows, no power, no water. I wasn't shocked by the poverty, but I was surprised to find the lady of the house lying on the floor on a blanket, weighing no more than 29 kilos, moaning and begging to die. Our friends didn't realize that she was so sick, they knew she was weak, but not dying. The daughter told us that the hospital sent her home and told her never to return, there was nothing they could do.

The home belongs to the woman's brother, and he is not a Christian. The only believer in the house is the 15-year-old girl (mother of a five month old already). On every wall is a poster of the Santa Muerte. There is an altar with candles set up in the corner and three statues of the Santa Muerte. I literally felt the Grim Reaper mocking this woman as she cried out in pain. We prayed, we comforted, we sang, we prayed with her to receive Christ as her Saviour.

The thing is, we felt so impotent. If God doesn't do a miracle, I believe she will be dead by next week. The daughter has such a heavy load at such a young age. The uncle is an abusive alcoholic and the teenager needs to get out of that house, so does the mother.

Please pray for us as we seek God for strategies to help this family and the many others like it in the "Mission" neighborhood. We know the Lord brought us there at that time to see such a thing. We are thinking of starting a micro-loan foundation and teaching the women how to have little businesses. That's a long-term strategy. We need an emergency strategy as well. He is able!

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Amrita said...

Dearest Jan my heart just bleeds for this and I am no stranger to such situations. Poverty and ignorance are the greatest curses of humanity. The destruction and evil they have cast over the earh is unimaginable.

Oh Lord please help these hapless women!

I am glad you Christians are helping the weak and infirm. What little we can do can make a difference in someone 's life.

Hugs to you Jan.