Saturday, March 14, 2009

Evangelicalism & Social Work

The typical evangelical church in Mexico is not involved in social work, they have been too poor and needy themselves to do much for the community. When we took Mexican pastors to India, however, their eyes were opened to the many things they CAN do with limited resources. The Indian church inspired my pastor, at least, to make a difference in our little community. We are about to open a middle school this August, and a day care is in the works.
The situation I mentioned below, about the sick woman with the children and grandchildren is another case that is showing us the need here and opening our eyes to many more opportunities for the Gospel to make a difference. We know it is time to act, not just pray and send them on their way. Pray for us as we strategize about what to do and how to do it!
Update on the lady, Blanca. We went to see her yesterday in the hospital and she was coherent and smiling. She is glad to be out of pain and happy to be in a clean bed. We still don't know the prognosis of her pancreatitis, but that is what she has, we believe from the little information we got. The daughter stayed in a safe place last night with running water and power, and took a hot bath for the first time in weeks. She also bathed the baby, and we dressed them in clean clothes - they looked like new girls!

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Amrita said...

Dear Jan,I really appreciate what you said about the Indian church.
Yes we make our few resources stretch far.

But we feel handicapped too due to shortage of funds. In my church we have various pending projects but first we have to pay our electricity bill,that itself is a faith tester.

I am so happy you provided help and relief to the sick lady and her daughter.What a difference to their miserable situation.