Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mustard Seed God

From one of my favorite blogs:

We serve a mustard seed God.

We serve a God that whispered to Elijah.

We serve a God that changed humanity with a baby.

We serve a big God that delights in doing small things we don’t understand.

We serve an exponential God.

I love this! Sometimes we get caught up in wanting to do "big things" for God and we must remember that our God delights in the small things, the still, small voice... I need to remember this because sometimes as a missionary I expect big things from myself, winning the multitudes for Christ, etc. Being a missionary, though, is like watching grass grow sometimes. It takes forever to see the fruit! So, if you are struggling with patience or feeling insignificant today, I pray you can take this to heart as well.


Chip said...

I love the line about whispering to Elijah. We just watched THe Ten Commandments the other night, and I couldn't stand how they voiced God - deep, scary, Boris Karloff voice. I was watching my little girl as she watched the show and praying that she wouldn't think of that as how God "talks". I like the whisper, that voice behind you saying this is the way, walk in it. I hope she'll learn to hear the pleasant voice of a best friend in God.

Amrita said...

Thanks for putting this up. Sometimes I fall on my nose trying to do Mr Everest things for God...tasks too heavy for me. i need to remember to go step by step.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reminder about 'the little things'. When I think about 'things' that have blessed me over the years it is usually those 'little' things...a hug, note of encouragement, a scripture...all these things add up, mulitiply and express the huge heart and love of our Heavenly Father!