Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring Break

We're out of school for two weeks and two of my family members are on missions trips. Our oldest is off with YWAM in the mountains of our state, and my husband is off in another state with a group of our Bible School students.
That leaves me here with my middle and youngest sons and no one around! Our neighbors have all vacated town to go and visit families (I mean, two weeks off, how can you resist?), and I'm feeling so lonesome already! When my neighbors/pastors/friends pulled out of the house yesterday I got a little misty-eyed!
So now it's up to me to have some adventures this week. I really don't want to do the boring go to the movies and pizza thing more than once. We'll see what ideas I can come up with!


Amrita said...

Awww its not nice to be alone at this time of the year. I 'd feel terrible too.

But don 't wrry your bloggie friends are here for you.Do some special things with your boys.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jan
Hope you enjoy your time off. We are waiting for our visas to be completed. Our truck leaves today with our belongings. It is headed for customs in Laredo. We're praying for it to get through without any delays. If everything goes as planned we will leave here on April 20th. Soooo excited!! We just can't wait. Hopefully our families will get to meet very soon.
God bless

Helen said...

I can so relate to that feeling. Although right now I might be happy with some alone time. I can leave a millon times, but can't stand to be left! It is just crazy.