Monday, April 27, 2009

Swine Flu

Until last night I was basically unaffected by this whole Swine Flu thing. Last night, though, they canceled classes in our state until May 6th, and announced that a lady from a nearby town died yesterday. Ten people are confirmed with it in our state, seven hospitalized. So now, we are affected. We aren't going out to public gatherings, the kids are scared, and people are panicked.

As a result, the peso is falling like crazy and the economy continues in a major downturn for Mexico.

Please pray for this nation that I love so much. It's difficult to be in the middle of it all, but I know that God is allowing it for revival purposes. The people are all thinking about mortality, and they are turning to the Lord in droves. This weekend we saw almost 100 people give their lives to Christ at our church!


Amrita said...

I am scared for you Jan and all your loved ones. But the Lord is your protecter. He knows your address. Remember the angel of death passed over His chosen ones as the blood covered the, You have the blood of Jesus protecting you.

It seems like a national disater.

Jodi said...

Mercy is very afraid of the swine flu because so many people have died. I wanted so much to explain that poverty and health conditions in Mexico City make people more susceptible but can't really explain that to an 8 year old!

Rebecca said...

My youngest ones are worried, too, but it opened great discussions about how disease is spread, how to avoid spreading disease and -- more importantly -- why we shouldn't live in fear of disease, disaster or violence.

We've had a bit of a scary weekend at our church, so with the swine flu issue, the economic 'stuff' and now an earthquake, it's beginning to feel like the end times!

We're wondering how many more short-term mission trips will be cancelling this year.

Hope you have a blessed week!!!

Amrita said...

How are you all Jan...worried