Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Remember this story about the young girl and her dying mother?

I haven't updated you in a while. The mother got out of the hospital and after searching for a shelter for them we were connected with a shelter in Mexico City that would accept them. We put the mom, the daughter, her baby, & her 13 year old brother on a bus for the 10 hour ride to their new home.

Two days ago we received a call that the mother has pancreatic cancer and is back in the hospital, with only days to live. They were upset with us for not telling them she had cancer, but we didn't know. We were told it was pancreatitis.

Yesterday we received another call that the young girl is pregnant. This is very discouraging and troubling to me because I know that she doesn't have a boyfriend and even though I asked her if her uncle abused her, and she denied it, I believe her pregnancy is most likely the result of some type of abuse or "trade-off" for the food and shelter he was providing her, the baby, & her brother. Her baby is only 7 months old and she is at least three months pregnant.

In addition, her youngest brother has been caught fondling three little girls in the shelter. The girl also claims that he was fondling her baby. He's only 13!

So, they want to kick them out. They have no where to go. The mom is dying. There aren't shelters for 15 year old pregnant girls with babies. Please pray for us to find a solution. It's tough and we are burdened for her.


Amrita said...

Oh my goodness. It hurts to read this. So much of this happening aroundme too. I can only cry Jan and plead God 's mercy

Anonymous said...

I found your blog thru Amrita's.

I am so very sorry. I hate to think of anyone trembling & stuggling, but young & pregnant? The precariousness of life...

Jodi said...

Sadly, the brother is probably just imitating the behaviors he has seen, treating girls as property. :( I will definitely pray for this little family.

Amrita said...

Hi Jan, just can 't get these family out of my mind. In my country we hear such stories and sometimes they take place very close to us.

Heard about the flu scare in Mexico. Are you all OK. Concerned for you. Please take care.