Sunday, July 5, 2009

Absence & Busyness

Sorry for my month-long absence! I've been traveling and busy ending up the school year. Friday was FINALLY our last day of school. The swine flu made us miss two weeks, and the Mexican government made us add some days. It's tough being in school until July 3rd!

I went to Nicaragua, where I once lived for three years, to a Pastor's Wives retreat. I brought my Mexican pastor's wife and we ministered, spoke, and got to know a group of wonderful ladies. One neat thing was that the team was KEY to doing several of these events in Mexico. Pastor's Wives are so in need of a place to socialize, receive, and take off their masks. They can just be themselves and enjoy friendship and trust.

In coming home, I have a women's event this next weekend, based on the retreat we did in Nicaragua. Now at the end of August I have been invited to be the worship leader at a Pastor's Wives event in Matamoros and another one in March in Guanajuato.

The Lord told me that this year I will seeing fruit and branching out in my ministry. I'm thrilled and nervous with anticipation!

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Amrita said...

Hi Jan good to see you. Glad you had a fruitful time.