Saturday, July 11, 2009

Escape the Heat

Our kids are Stateside visiting the grandparents until August 4th. We are missing them desperately! Tomorrow we begin our journey to our organization's national convention in the south/center of Mexico. We are first going to visit Guanajuato, a picturesque colonial town with cobblestone streets. Greg went there years ago and has always wanted to take me there. We will be driving through it, stay a couple of days, and then go on to Oaxtepec. I'm looking forward to much cooler temperatures and enjoying time exploring with my husband. We've never been alone together for this long, and it's really weird, but I'm enjoying it and adjusting to not having to be aware of where my three sons are at every moment.


Amrita said...

The rain drenched street looks very appaling to me apart of the charm of the colonial era.

Have a good time, its very hot and humid here and rains' been scanty.

Amrita said...

sorry I meant appealing