Wednesday, July 29, 2009


You can be praying for Northern Mexico, as we have not had any rain this year. Usually by March or April we need to cut our small patch of grass, but it hasn't rained and our grass is brown, dry, and definitely not growing. We haven't had to cut it all year. The heat has been tremendous, more than 40C or 104F.

How do we deal with the heat? We don't usually go out after one in the afternoon until around 7 or 8. If we do go anywhere, it's to swim! At night, we take cool showers before bed to cool our bodies down. We drink lots and lots of water. I cook in the morning or early part of the day and we eat cold food, salads, or something for dinner.

Last weekend we were in Piedras Negras, on the border, where it gets even hotter than here. All the houses and churches had a/c though. Our schools and churches do not have that luxury here. We depend on fans to move the air about. When it's this hot the air actually burns you, and hurts!

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Amrita said...

I can identify with this Jan. Our heat is also like thes. And most people like us can 't afford A/cs. We have to slug it out.