Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mexican Hospitality

Two posts in one day, can you handle it?

I wanted to talk about hospitality in Mexico... one common phrase here is "Mi casa es su casa" which means "My house is your house". When we Americans say that we mean you can help yourselves to whatever is in our kitchen and feel at home. Mexicans would be horrified at that, though, because they want to serve you the whole time you are at their home. It's a relaxed type of serving you, but it's attending to you nonetheless.

Recently we stayed in different homes around the Republic. The shocker was when we stayed in an American home and realized how different we really are! I didn't mind settling in and serving myself or hubby food from the fridge, but it made me realize how different that phrase "Mi Casa es su Casa" applies in the different cultures.


Amrita said...

Hi Jan god to have you visit.

Thisis what happens in India hospitalitywise.

Guests are made welcome and hosts serve them. There are a lot of formalities among people . But the closer your relationship is with them the more relaxed you are.

Elizabeth Mahlou said...

When Shura, a young man we took in from Siberia, first saw a visitor take a drink from our refrigerator he was shocked and asked me if the visitor was "uneducated". We lived in the Middle East and the same kind of "serving" goes on as in Mexico. I think most of the world is similar in that way - and we Americans are quite different! (Something that is good to remember when we travel abroad.)