Thursday, February 21, 2008

Interesting blogs I read...

Recently, I was told about a new blog made by the Christian music band "Mercy Me". I'm not really sure what music they sing, since we haven't been in touch much with the modern music scene if it's not in Spanish. If you want some good laughs, go read it! I have it on my feedburner and pretty much check it out every day.

Another blog I really enjoy is written by Mark Lee, the guitarist from the Christian band, Third Day. Our main blog and his are hosted by the same people, and one day I just happened upon his blog. I was reading it, just thinking he was maybe a roadie or a fan of Third Day, but I was wrong. His blog is always interesting and covers a bunch of topics from theology to music to interesting thoughts. He's also one I read just about daily.


Bart Millard said...

Thanks for checking out the blog. We will have to make sure you check out some of the music eventually too!


Jan said...

Ok, Bart, I checked out MercyMe on Wikipedia. The song I DO know is the "I Can Only Imagine", but now I know it as "Puedo Imaginarme". Let me tell you, that song brings the Mexicans to their knees in worship. I don't know what it does in the US. I wish I knew more of your songs, I promise to work on finding some to listen to. Just got an ipod for Christmas so I'll wait for an iTunes gift certificate or something!