Sunday, May 11, 2008

How to get the ladies...

Advice from my nine-year-old nephew:

1) Don't show up to weddings drunk.
2) Don't pee on their doll houses.
3) Don't cuss.
4) Don't French kiss.
5) Men should not be seen naked.
6) Don't trample on people at weddings.
7) Compliment them.

He came up with this list yesterday afternoon as he hung out with my dad and uncles at Cowpens battlefield. We are trying to get more advice from him, so I'll post it if he puts out.


Pete Wilson said...

These all sound viable. Love the blog and look forward to reading more!

Chris Angelico said...

Oh dear. That explains why I've been having trouble getting noticed by the ladies! I'll take this advice to heart.