Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Central Square

I don't really have to write about this one, just watch the video.


Amrita said...

Its good to see the world from a missionary 's point of view. I find that very fascinating having worked in a mossion school with 25 different nationalities.

Anonymous said...

We have many memories of that town plaza. We always tried to walk to the plaza with out teams. There would always be someone who was too tired and wanted to stay back at the guest house, but John would not give them that option, and they always said they were glad they came. We've seen the girls walking & the guys cruising. In the olden days, we were told the guys just sat on the benches and watched the girls walk by.

I remember one year we were there for Independence Day, and they shot off fireworks from the light poles in front of the mayor's office. Oh, that was an up-close experience with fireworks of a different nature than we see in the US!! And we even hear the shout "Viva Mexico!!"

Thank you for taking the time to make these videos!

Your anonymous friend,