Thursday, March 19, 2009

Clowning Around

Mexicans, for the most part, LOVE clowns! You can find clowns wherever you go. Birthday parties, grocery store promotions, street corners, anywhere! I think my favorite ones are some on a television program that take popular American 80's songs and rewrite the lyrics in Spanish, making them silly. They are dressed as a rock band with crazy colored hair and silly clothing. I also like the guys who juggle in traffic at the stoplights for money. Sometimes they do gymnastics and juggle firesticks. I don't mind giving them a peso or two for their efforts. At least you aren't bored while you wait for the light to change.

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Amrita said...

Clowns are gaining popularity in India too. We used to find them in circuses and movies , but now lije you say here they are present at parties and shopping areas etc.