Monday, March 30, 2009

My God is so BIG, so strong, and so MIGHTY

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I told about the Santa Muerte, showing a video of some roadside chapels and the offerings left to the Death Saint? Well, last week we had a team from NC here (that's why I haven't been blogging), and we took them by those chapels to show them the extent of the idolatry here. The team prayed that God would destroy the chapels and their false gods.
Five days later, we got news that the Mexican army went in with a bulldozer and completely destroyed the chapels! We passed them this weekend when taking the group back to the US, and we were all so happy and amazed at the answered prayers. Not even one brick was left standing, it's all dust.
The army's reasoning was two-fold. First, the chapels were built on public property, so they had the right to tear them down. Secondly, they wanted to send a message to the drug traffickers that even their gods are in danger. A type of psychological warfare, if you may.


Dan said...

That is so awesome!! What a GREAT God we serve!! He truly does answer prayer and we still act surprised when it happens.

Amrita said...

Applauding our strong and mighty God with you all Jan.he is the God of Elijah. Its the lord 's battle. My faith is strengthened so much i hear such praise reports.
Hugs, Amrita

Rebecca said...

What a praise!!! Thanks for the reminder to pray more and to pray specifically. The shrines are thick here, too. This time of year it's especially bad with kids dressed in demon costumes walking the streets and ladies selling crucifixes with "blessings" attached. Makes me very sad.

But you're right -- we serve a mighty God!!!

We pray for you guys daily, too! Have a blessed week!